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    Domestic gasoline generator safety precautions


    1 level using generator. If the generator tilt, the possible fuel from the carburetor leakage, so in mobile operations and to keep the generator level.


    2. Please use the place with good ventilation. The exhaust of a household gasoline generator is toxic, not to use the generator in a closed area. Small gasoline generators are discharged from the gas may be in a short period of time to cause a coma and even life-threatening.


    3 turn off the generator and then go on. Gasoline generator is highly combustible fuel, but also need to note refueling never allow spillage of fuel and spilling over the engine and muffler.


    4 gasoline generator and its silencing becomes hot. Please will not touch in the generator is placed in the pedestrian and the local children. Do not place any combustible material near the exhaust port when the generator is running. The distance between the generator and the building or other device should be kept at least 1m above. Otherwise, the engine will overheat phenomenon.


    5 is not equipped with gasoline generator rain cover do not use the generators in the rain and snow world.


    6 not to wet hands to touch the machine, beware of electric shock

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